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Ever feel frustrated ‘cause you couldn’t read the most awesome Real Madrid blog in the world? Well, now you can! Starting today, every Monday Fans del Madrid will feature an original entry for english-speaking fans around the world. These entries will keep our characteristic honesty, humor, depth of analysis (well, sometimes…) and foul language! Sure, there are excellent Real Madrid blogs out there, like Madridista Mac, but don’t forget to check Fans for Real weekly. Of course, feel free to comment – we’re willing to exchange points of view, either agreeing or having  a good old argument over Real!

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What a week this has been! When you’re playing what can arguably be called the most important game in 5 years and you happen to win it brilliantly, one can only say it feels fucking great. I’m sure that even those of you living out of Spain have noticed the relentless campaign of late years presenting Barsa as the ultimate football team, best of all time and even morally superior, playing for children and whatnot. Well, after a real long time of standing that crap, there was a sore need of slapping them in the face, and did just that. Real’s brilliant shorcircuit of Barsa’s midfield and the tactical variety we’ve shown in these last two games are the best reminder that football can’t be confined to a single idea, and that endless passing can be nice, but also frigging boring, and what’s worse, ineffective. A 63% possession of the ball did no good to Barsa, who came back home empty-handed and scratching their heads.

Yup, the hit has hurt, and it’s showing. Guardiola’s already playing the victim, complaining that they lost «because of a referee with very good sight who gave a 2 cms.-offside». Was he expecting him to ignore it or something? He also stated that Mourinho would be «delighted» if a portuguese referee was assigned to the Champions League semifinal. I’m positive he’d have preferred the match to be refereed by Tom Henning or Massimo Busacca, right? Sure, Guardiola has repeatedly assured that he doesn’t speak about referees, but you see, what he meant was «I don’t speak about referees when we’re winning!» Well, finally we’ll have a german referee, and I just hope he gives an equal treatment to both teams, unlike what has been usually happening with Barsa. Expect more rantings from Guardiola in case thing don’t go as he expects.

Of course, I’ve got to mention the saturday Valencia league game, which at first seemed an inconvenience and ended up being a huge confidence boost. What skill our bench players displayed! It really helps to know that if one of the starting men isn’t available, you have a backup just as good. At any rate, the Champions League semifinal is the big finale to this season drama – if you have any liking for football, don’t miss these two games for anything, as they’re bound to pass into history. It’s rare that two so dominant teams come up at the same time, and if you add the tremendous rivalry among them, it really doesn’t get any better. In case you’re new to football (or soccer, if it suits you) and you’re wondering who to support, thae answer is clear – Real, of course. That is, unless you like teams that ally themselves with segregationist movements, that spend millions upon millions on players but pretend to be youth academy-based, and that are sponsored by obscure foundations with disturbing links to islamism (full story here). Yeah, and that’s only the beginning, mates.

Real, in the other hand, has always been clear about itself – we only want to be the best, bringing in the best men in the game. I’d say we’ve been really good at it so far, and intend to keep doing so.


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  1. A small error: instead of «What he expecting him to ignore it or something?», it sholud read «Was he…».

  2. Thanks so much for promoting my site El Socio! I’m very happy to know that you’ll be doing an English post every week!

    Some thoughts:
    it’s ok for me if Barca wish to brag about how attractive their style is – because for me it’s true. But I fucking hate it when they talk about it like it’s a moral issue.

    I fucking hate it when they think that every team in the world is as stupid as Arsenal who will try to play like them only to get killed by 5 goals. I think it’s stupid that they think that way and I find it insulting that they think we’re that stupid.

    Anyway, I’ve posted my thoughts on the Valencia game:

    hope you like them!

  3. Barcelona’s style might be attractive but relies a lot on the players. I would love to see what Guardiola would do with a a slightly less talented squad. As far as I have seen, Mourinho has proven to see way more versatile as a couch

  4. Another damn fine press conference by Mou. They should compile them into a DVD!

  5. They should make another DVD including today’s press conference by Guardiola. Guardiola’s own «The Very Worst Of». What a whiny weeping wimp.

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